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Durable in All Weather

  • Metal roofs are in high demand.
  • Whether you require a residential or commercial application, a metal roof is an apt choice for any building in any weather condition.
  • Able to withstand winds of up to 110 mph, metal roofing resists damage from both extreme weather and temperatures due to the nonporous exterior, as well as preventing other damage, such as termite, thanks to the stone-coated steel material.
  • As a commercial grade roofing material that offers an attractive shingle, shake or tile exterior, versatility and cost savings, it’s no wonder metal roofing has been adopted in countries worldwide.

The Forever Roof Company offers a wide selection of metal roofing to enrich the appearance of your home and enhance its protection at the same time.

A metal roof may be the last roof you ever need.


Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is non-prorated and transferable for 50 years.

Each roofing profile offers one of three highly durable paint finishes:

  • P.V.D.F. (polyvinylidene difluoride) – Extensively tested for durability, this is the highest quality metal paint finish available.
  • HDP (High Durable Polyester) – Extensively tested and well known for its finish.
  • SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester) – Extensively tested and well known for its finish.

In accordance with the following testing standards, our roofing panels have received an overall non-combustible rating:

  • ASTM E 108-95
  • UBC Standard 15-2 (1997)
  • UL 790 (1997)
  • CAN S107

Our roofing panels have been tested under the UL 2218 testing protocol meaning the function of the roofing material was not compromised, nor did the paint finish crack when two-inch steel balls were dropped several times over from a height of twenty feet.

Quick & Easy Installation

Versatility and cost efficiency has made metal roofing a leading choice among homeowners across the globe.  The 4-foot long by 1-foot wide panels are quickly and easily installed with little disruption to residents and no need for costly tear-offs as our metal roofing can be installed directly over existing asphalt and wood shake roofs.


With a generous selection of design and colours that complement any style home, the only difficulty you’ll have is deciding which look you love the most.

Eco Friendly

Made from 30-60% recycled material, a metal roof will help you to reduce your carbon footprint, as a homeowner, on the environment. It’s estimated that conventional roofing products contribute up to 20 billion pounds of waste to landfills annually. Metal roofs, which can often be installed over an existing roof, greatly reduce the need for disposal of old roofing materials to landfills and making metal roofing the sustainable choice.

Cost Savings & Value Added

Metal roofing can increase overall home energy efficiency and fuel cost savings of up to 40% annually.  Metal residential roofs have a lower lifecycle when compared to conventional roofing materials and can increase the overall value of one’s home.

Increased Lifespan

  • The average lifespan of a non-metal roof is 12 to17 years.  An asphalt roof may require maintenance or re-roofing every 10 to 20 years, often sooner.
  • Metal roofing offers superior durability and can last up to three times longer than conventional roofing materials – often as much as 40 to 60 years and beyond.

The Forever Roof Company offers metal roof installation for those looking for a roof to last a lifetime.

Based in Bedford, we service Nova Scotia including Halifax, Dartmouth, Sydney, Truro, Lunenburg, Bridgewater, Yarmouth, Wolfville, New Glasgow, Amherst and more. We also service New Brunswick and PEI. Our courteous staff is happy to find the roofing solution that fits your needs. Call us at 902-252-5801 or drop us a message on our contact page.

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